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Friday, December 18, 2009

A Glimpse of the Past, a Sliver of the Future

Seraphin was mentioned in this story on Ogi Eyewear.

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Seraphin Featured in 20/20 Magazine

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Solar Power

Seraphin’s New Sunwear Styles Continue A Legacy of Timeless Fashion

Ogi Eyewear's Seraphin collection announces 8 brand new sunwear introductions for the fall 2009 season. This elite new class of vintage sunwear embodies the essence of luxury while keeping its commitment to affordability. New sun-styles include the Thomas, Zenith and Knox Sun. All Seraphin sun models feature high quality polarized lenses with backside anti-reflective coating and are available through national and international retailers.

Knox Sun



Whether overlooking a Manhattan sunset or battling the rays of the fierce Tahiti sun, every distinguished man needs a powerful pair of aviators. The Thomas is the essential addition to the repertoire of today’s urbane gentleman. Composed of titanium and premium Italian acetate, this ageless style continues to reign supreme in fresh and exciting new ways. The Thomas is available in three outstanding color combinations sure to compliment any upscale men’s wardrobe.

A bold shot of vintage zest shines through on the Zenith, a chic new women’s style found in the sun collection. An undeniably powerful shape sculpted in two shades of Tokyo tortoise, the Zenith is a phenomenal piece that beautifully fits a variety of different personalities. The sharp angles and thick front put an intriguing twist on a sought-after red carpet style of the 1960’s.

The Knox Sun is a fresh, sophisticated sunwear style that was designed to stand out. This captivating feline features a combination of Italian acetate and titanium to create a trim modern fit with a soft, vintage edge. Inspired by an era of class and romanticism, the Knox is the perfect vintage companion to complete your unique, refined style.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Seraphin Featured in Vision Monday

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Style Revival

Seraphin Eyewear Continues A Legacy of Timeless Fashion

Ogi Eyewear's Seraphin collection announces five new men's ophthalmic frame introductions for fall season 2009. Additions to the Seraphin collection closely mirror the latest trends in men's eyewear, defining Seraphin as an iconic eyewear powerhouse. The new collection embodies the essence of luxury while keeping its commitment to affordability. New styles include the Garfield, Drew and Quentin. The new frame and sunglass designs (16 in total, which includes men's, women's, ophthalmic and suns) received a glowing reception at this year's Vision Expo West in Las Vegas, NV. They are now available through national and international retailers.

Within each frame lies a unique story that exemplifies the characteristics of the model and validates its place in the collection. Of the many statement pieces released in the latest chapter, the Garfield is noteworthy for its aluminum casting, creating the effect of a light, old-world aesthetic. The accent molding found on the Garfield was influenced by the beveled exterior of a café in Paris where designer Dave Spencer sketched out the frame in a flash of inspiration.

Another outstanding model in the new collection is the Drew. The Drew expresses a feeling of someone with a keen intellectual perception of fashion. Each color utilizes the finest handmade acetates from around the world in conjunction with a lightly textured titanium temple. The Drew's charm and warmth is reminiscent of an elderly French taxi driver combined with the spirit of a young contemporary artist. The frame quietly demands attention, while maintaining an element of sophistication and timelessness.



Seraphin Revs up the Glam in VCPN